Michael Geers, Software Developer, Germany

Michael Geers

Frontend Engineer
Osnabrück, Germany

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Micro Frontends in Action (en)
Manning Publications
July 2019 (MEAP) / August 2020 (release)
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🎧 podcasts

JavaScript Jabber, January 2021 (en)
JSJ 465: The Power of Micro Front-Ends

Software Engineering Radio, August 2020 (en)
Episode 422: Michael Geers on Micro Frontends

JS Party, April 2020 (en)
#121 What even is a micro frontend?

UI engineering Podcast, March 2020 (de)
[S03E03] Micro Frontends

👨‍🏫 talks

neuland Fachtag, Bremen, Germany 2022 (de)
Energie & Feedback Loops (Slides)

Heise: Mastering Microservices, Germany (Remote) 2022 (de)
Micro Frontends - Entkopplung bis zur Oberfläche (Slides)

USPCodeLabs, University of São Paulo, Brazil (Remote) 2021 (en)
Micro Frontends Lecture (Slides)

The Global Dev Study #1, Japan (Remote) 2021 (en)
Inside the Micro Frontends Toolbox (Slides)

Philly ETE, USA (Remote) 2021 (en)
Bye Bye Frontend Monolith (Slides)

bevh Webinar: E-Commerce - Total Makeover, Germany (Remote) 2020 (de)
Teil 3: Micro Frontends (Slides)

Heise: Mastering Microservices, Germany (Remote) 2020 (de)
Micro Frontends: Oberflächen schneiden und kleben (Slides)

MicroCPH, Copenhagen, Denmark 2019 (en)
Micro Frontends - The Nitty Gritty Details or Frontend, Backend, 🌈 Happyend (Slides)

Web Rebels, Oslo, Norway 2018 (en)
Micro Frontends - Think Smaller, Avoid the Monolith, ❤️ the Backend (Slides)

YGLF, Tel Aviv, Israel 2017 (en)
Micro Frontends: Break Up You Web App! (Slides)

JSUnconf.eu, Hamburg, Germany 2017 (en)
Micro Frontends: Building a modern webapp with multiple teams

JSUnconf.eu, Hamburg, Germany 2017 (en)
Measuring Web Performance: Metrics & Tools (Slides)

code.talks commerce, Berlin, Germany 2016 (de)
Building a Single Page Shop with Multiple Teams

And some other talks ...
📜 articles

t3n Heft 64 (Q3/2021) (de)
Designsysteme in Micro-Frontends Projekten

OBJEKTspektrum 3/2019 (de)
Micro Frontends - Nicht nur Microservices in der Oberfläche

t3n Heft 52 (Q3/2018) (de)
Micro Frontends - So funktioniert das Konzept in der Praxis

t3n Heft 51 (Q2/2018) (de)
Micro Frontends - Große Web Projekte Modular entwickeln